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TextHide can be used for texts of any area. It does not matter whether TextHide deals with a love letter or a Ph D. It may simply require an additional technical synonym dictionary for the specific subject terms. For hiding data it does not matter at all whether the text, in which the data is to be hidden, is trivial or subject related.


In order to use TextHide for different languages, a synonym dictionary will be required for every language used. These will be available for german and english.

Some examples:

Essays, publications, ...:

TextHide can fit already existing texts (perhaps written by extraneous authors) into somebody else's own style or it can generate a uniform style for texts originating from different sources.

Texts, which can be used in different forms (technical explanation as in a manual, narration, praising, ...), can automatically be brought into one form from another one.


For everyone who considers pure encryption to be too obvious. If it is not known whether information is hidden in text, no-one can attempt to decrypt the data. It cannot be seen, whether data is hidden in the text or not. This is the most secure method to send secret data.

Web sites:

TextHide provides the possibility to store secret information in public texts, like web pages.

Secret numbers:

Important data, e.g. secret numbers, can be stored in texts to additionally save the data on someone's own computer.

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