Frequently asked questions

How can it be guaranteed that senders and recipients decode the same secret message?

By having a single dictionary common to sender and recipient; it is sold together with "TextHide".

Is it possible to use just some sections of a text to hide secret messages?

Yes. However, the whole should be agreed on in advance with the recipient.

Is it possible to apply the TextHide also to other languages?

No. For each new language a new synonym dictionary is required.

Can messages for several recipients be hidden at the same time?

No. This feature is planned for a later version.

Couldn't an unauthorized person recover the secret information easily by using the TextHide?

One can prevent this by encrypting the secret data before. Then an attacker does not know whether no secret data is hidden or whether it was encrypted. A further possibility is to agree on a secret configuration with the recipient. Then the correct data can only be decoded if the recipient knows the correct options.

Is it possible to determine whether secret information is hidden in a text?

No. It is possible to decode a secret message out of any existing text even if no message was encoded at all. That a secret message was embedded can only be noticed from the fact that a meaningful message is decoded at the end.

Does the non-secret text have to be related contentwise to the secret message?

No. The secret message doesn't even have to be a text, it can as well be any kind of binary data. If one uses a text as a secret message which has words in common with the public message, then a longer secret message can be accommodated in the public text.

What operating systems is TextHide available for?

TextHide is available for Windows 95, 98 and Linux.

What kind of data formats can be used to hide data?

Any kind of data can be used; text as well as graphics or other binary data.

What text format does TextHide use for the text to be edited?

TextHide reads and edits ASCII format texts.

Can the same version of TextHide reformulate text and hide data?


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