Typical values


approx. 100 kB text per minute

Memory consumption

approx. 16 MB for the dictionary


German, English, French

Ratio data : text

1:10 to 1:20 (worse with technical terms)

Operating systems

MS-Windows 95/98/NT, Unix (Linux, Solaris); MacOS in planning; others upon request

Can be combined with

encryption programs like PGP; SubiText Crypto has its own public-key cryptography integrated (based on RSA [4096 bit key length] and the new Twofish method [256 bit key length])

Target groups / applications:

  • Category: "writer's aids": journalists, authors, press referents, students, pupils
  • authenticity/authorship detection: PC users, judicial authorities, attorneys


  • selectable aspects when rephrasing ("Standard"):

  1. what rephrasing possibilities should be used (synonyms, word order, blank & paragraph formatting, coding of umlauts, permitting spelling mistakes, etc.)
  2. language style/level, time, mode (e.g. indirect speech), narrative perspective, preferred word selection, sentence complexity, type of the use of female forms, foreign word usage
  • thesaurus (synonym dictionary): avoid ugly word repeatings or too general terms
  • spell checking
  • hyphenation removal or insertion: Words separated at the end of lines are concatenated again.
  • educational program functionality: generation and recognition of tenses and cases for a chosen language. E.g. "What is the first person singular conditional of be?" -> "I were".
  • dictionaries for languages are interchangeable; one dictionary for a chosen language is included in the price
  • any user's personal style can be learnt from a text collection; texts from third persons can be rephrased automatically into the personal or any other style such that style breaches are avoided
  • authorship identification by gathering a person’s characteristic word usage patterns (from a collection of texts authored by the person)
  • avoid/replace stylistically inappropriate words, e.g.: want -> would like: "I want that toy" -> "I would like to have that toy", eliminate redundant words like "actually"
  • avoid technical terms: "SubiText transforms phrases into ontologically categorized semantically equivalent paraphrases" -> " "SubiText converts sentences into strictly hierarchically classified contentwise equivalent rephrasings."
  • changing tenses: "Compris Intelligence GmbH announces SubiText" to "Compris Intelligence GmbH announced SubiText" -> "Compris Intelligence GmbH had announced SubiText".

Available components


  • CD-ROM version SubiText Literature
  • $39
  • functions for 12 months
  • update fee for further 12 months: $19

Per package (CD-ROM) we charge an additional $9 for international shipping & handling. This may be more if this basic charge doesn't cover the costs for shipment to remote countries.

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