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The essence of all our fields of activity and expertise can be summarized by the French word "compris" which means "understood": We are engaged in text understanding technologies: The understanding of the textual content, the automatic comprehension of text meaning by a computer. A well known application are translation programs. However, we focus on innovative solutions in other fields in which we prove to the world that high quality applications are possible today:

Products / services

Text watermarking (TextMark)
Software which inserts a digital watermark into any texts for copyright protection.
Search engine for plagiarized texts (Placens)
Search engine that identifies plagiarized text documents on the Internet.
Shop system for digital content (Reputas)
Online shop system for any digital content downloadable texts and software.
Question answering system (FactMind)
Automatic answering of any question on any text at any time by finding the relevant passage in collections of answer texts.
Information extraction (FactMiner)
Automatic extraction of addresses, product descriptions, contact persons or any other information conveyed in texts or on web sites.
Language components
The reusable modules of our software which can be integrated into your applications: Encyclopaedias, automatic word inflection, semantic nets/fields, ambiguity resolution.
Web spidering
Systematic search of the Internet by arbitrary criteria followed by the download and/or selective extraction of the retrieved information.
Competitor analysis and surveillance (FirmWatch)
Competition analysis and surveillance (FirmWatch): Systematic identification, analysis and monitoring of competitors and customer through their web sites with automatic notification upon the appearance of a new competitor, changes in the price or new features of products of the competitors.
Internet development
Development/adaptation of user-specific applications based on the Internet. E.g. we can transfer paper-based fill-in forms into digital form published in intranets or in the internet and offer intelligent automatic processing of user-entered data.
Data compression (Densifier)
Several programs optimized on the compression of specific data formats in terms of more compact and/or faster compression.
Data hiding (TextHide / SubiText)
Software to hide any data in unsuspicious text in order to store or communicate secrets (textual steganography).
Data encryption
Encryption of any data with one common key (block ciphering) or with public and private keys (public key cryptography) to avoid the exchange of secret keys.

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