General Densifier® Data Compression Software

This kind of compression can be used to compress all sorts of data, for example text, pictures, binary data, executables. It is comparable to ZIP-archives, e.g. WinZIP or PKZIP.



Typical Values

Compression density - removed percentage


        long texts


        short texts


        binary data


Speed of compression
Pentium IV 3 GHz

4 MB/second

Speed decompression
Pentium IV 3 GHz

6 MB/second

Memory requirements

approx. 10 MB (better compression density with more memory usage)

Operating systems

MS-Windows NT, 2k, XP, 2003, Unix (Linux, Solaris); others on request

Additional characteristics / advantages:

        above average speed & compression density

        same data format on all operating systems

        very little memory requirements

        works with any kind of input- and output-buffers, invisible for the user

        language of implementation: C/C++

        can be used from programming languages: C, C#, C++, Java, Pascal, BASIC, Cobol, Fortran, Smalltalk (all programming languages, which use DLLs, standard object-formats, Java RMI/J2EE or offer .NET/COM/COM+ support)

        protection from reading out/converting by third persons

        distribution of a converter is a violation of data compression patents

Available programming components


        Software development kit with documentation in English, format:

        object-library or

        DLL (Dynamic Link Library; only for MS-Windows)

        scientific documentation of the working technology / the algorithms

        sold as CD-ROM or per Internet; printed documentation available at extra cost

        US $2900,- once per platform for all components, runtime costs per installed computer: US $50,-
no patent-license costs


        US $590,-


        plus shipping & handling

        documentation in written form: US $45,00

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