Development of adapted/new Compression Methods

Services based on Densifier®:
Development of adapted/new Compression Methods, optionally including Patenting for our Customers

Integration of modules into other systems / software development upon request / consulting (applies to all products)




Hourly rate of a programmer (non-technical aspects; system integration; user interface; simple functional interface programming)

US $60,-

Hourly rate of a technology  expert (computer scientist with diploma or equivalent)

US $95,-


Development of individual new compression methods, optional with patenting for the client



Price per hour

Typical values


·        Storage of data in user programs, which are supposed to be inaccessible for competitors or hackers, e.g. personal data, client data, lexical data

·        Optimal fast processing speed despite compression is important (with adaptation to the data of a user program / a data base)

Development per hour


40 hours = $4000,-

Basic rate for patenting

approx. $500,-


Revision of a patent attorney per hour

approx. $250,-

10 hours = $2500,-

Basic rate patent attorney (mandate take-up, required writings, etc.)

approx. $400,-



US $7400,-

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