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Objectives: Only search engine for plagiarized texts on the Internet. Only scientifically well-founded procedure for proving copyright infringements on texts; thus the only procedure which meets with legal requirements.

Existing search engines are based on key words. Thus, they don't have the faintest possibility of finding rephrased plagiarized texts. Even when proving the originality of a plagiarized text in court, without these new products, you will be on your own. In these fields Compris Intelligence GmbH works on revolutionary improvements.

Your texts appears only where you like them to be.

Our search engine looks systematically for text plagiates in the Internet. As the name "placens" – lat. for "pleasing" – insinuates, you only need to accept those copies that you like, i.e. which have your "placet". This can be done by depositing your documents in our database. Our search engine takes over the search work entirely on its own and follows obligingly your hint to potential pirate sites.

Semantic similarity instead of key words

The new rephrasing technology from Compris Intelligence GmbH can find practically all plagiarized texts based on your work. Even when the words of your text were replaced by synonyms or paraphrases and even when the word order has been changed – you will be recognized as copyright holder. This goes far beyond known search engines and similarity searches, which still consider "car", "automobile", "van", etc. as completely different concepts The new method in contrast can detect similarities based on content, i.e. the meaning of text. This is in opposed to competitors who still recognize similarities based on key words. Keeping that in mind, we use a brand new technology that has been developed in cooperation with Fraunhofer society and an international research group lead by a US professor.

No chance for secretaries – Even manually rephrased sections can be found automatically!

The Placens technology is capable of identifying manually rephrased texts on the grounds of the presence and order of meaning concepts and ideas as plagiates of the original! Word selection and word order can easily be modified. That is why stolen ideas and concepts are characteristics of plagiarized material. As argumentation aid before starting a law suit (but also as proof during a law suit) the program will calculate the probability for you that –assuming the same choice of subject – the similarities are by chance or not. Once an upper limit for the acceptable probability of an accidental similarity has been established, further law suits will just be routine. The deterring effect – also for texts secured with TextMark – will continually increase.

Evidently, Placens offers presumably the first ever practicable method for finding plagiarized texts in the Internet or on CD-ROM!

The perpetrator or you – Notification as desired

You can freely choose whether only you should be informed or whether an immediate warning e-mail should be sent to the pirate who has published your text on his web site. In the first case you'll receive an e-mail containing the web address of the plagiarized material. As attachment this e-mail will contain a suggestion for the body of the e-mail that you can use to urge the pirate to delete the plagiarized material. Another way to avoid admonishing automatically somebody displaying authorized copies, is to point out to the search engine those locations in the web on which copies may be displayed. Alternatively, you can as well have all the work up to the law suit done automatically: The time consuming task of identifying the e-mail addresses of potentially responsible persons is taken over by . will be able to identify the e-mail address of the responsible Internet provider who can make sure that the material in question is instantly removed. As before, e-mail texts ready to be forwarded can be provided as attachment and directly be sent out.


Configuring the area to be searched

As copyright owner you can decide which web sites should be searched more frequently. With that aim, you can specify links to overview pages or link pages from which a recursive search should start. Maybe you know some particular candidates inclined to plagiarism or you rely on the completeness of known link collections pertaining to a specific field.

Largest applicability

A large number of different text formats can be searched: Formats from Word, and the RTF exchange format to the widespread PDF format are recognized. doesn't care if these files were compressed or not. All common formats like ZIP, ARJ, JAR, RAR, etc. are supported.

In future: Multilinguality

We constantly improving our technology. Shortly, we will be able to look for unauthorized translations. This will again be based on the principle of similar content.

Don't give thieves a chance

Maybe you would want to avoid giving data thieves the faintest chance of spreading your texts. Why not use our shop system for selling digital content?



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