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Hide arbitrary data in texts through automatic text rephrasing with TextHide!


Objectives: Most secure and most inconspicuous method for transmitting and storing information: The best known encryption methods are used and additionally the encrypted information is hidden so that it can't be recognized as such.

The TextHide prototype was official highlight of CeBIT '99
Reason: TextHide hides data most inconspicuously and therefore grants best security for your data.

Compris Intelligence GmbH has developed a program which can automatically reformulate text. Nevertheless, the meaning of the text is retained completely. This feature can also be used to hide data in normal text. The technical term for this is steganography.

How TextHide hides information in texts:

The secret text "Meeting: 9 o'clock at my home" is to be hidden. A non-secret text – from the provided collection of texts – is "the auto drives fast on a slippery road over the hill". The secret text controls the rephrasing of this text and returns for instance: "Over the slope the car travels quickly on an ice-covered street." The sense of the sentence was preserved. Through the fact that exactly this one out of numerous possibilities for rephrasing was selected, the secret data is stored.




TextHide can automatically change text features, such as narration tense or narrator's perspective, and replace single words by synonyms. This is especially interesting for:


By directly reformulating text data (text, binary data, ...) can be hidden in text. Everyone is able to decode something from the text, but if the text to be hidden was encrypted before, it cannot be seen whether the data decoded is relevant.

This is a new possibility for everybody, who would not consider usual data encryption to be sufficient, to encrypt their data/messages securely. It is not obvious anymore whether the data present is encrypted; thus no direct decryption attack can happen.


When using obviously encrypted data an eavesdropper will try to find the kind of encryption method to specifically crack this method. In reality most of the known encryption methods can be cracked by secret services. The procedure to introduce a new cryptographic standard in the USA proves this. Most of the suggestions – even successor methods of DES and RSA – have been found to be crackable.

The solution: Use the best encryption method and hide the data in texts. The attacker will believe to read unencrypted text. Even when encrypted data is suspected, the encryption method used is still unclear to the attacker. Furthermore, the TextHide method is able to decode secret data from any kind of text. The decoded data will only make sense when meaningful data had been hidden in the text before. An attacker is not able to distinguish encrypted data from meaningless data.

4-fold security with TextHide:

  1. Usage of the RSA-encryption method with public and secret key. This is one of the most secure systems which is known today and is also be used in the well known PGP.
  2. One of the best and most modern encryption methods is employed: Twofish. This is a promising candidate for the future American AES standard (Advanced Encryption Standard), i.e. as DES successor (DES – Data Encryption Standard).
  3. Gigantically long keys for rearranging the synonym dictionary. Breaking this step by systematic testing with 100.000 super computers would still take about 102000 times longer than our earth has been existing.
  4. The patented method for rephrasing text is supposably the most inconspicuous and most widely applicable method for obscuring information. The fields of application range from e-mails & network data communication over newspaper ads & web pages to ordinary conversations.

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