2008-09-22: 8 DAX30 Reference Customers
Currently 8 DAX30 (30 largest German corporations listed in the stock market) reference customers are existing (Commerzbank, Daimler, BMW, VW, TUI, ThyssenKrupp, Allianz/Dresdner Bank, Dt. Telekom) and 5 international corporations (Vattenfall, Thales, Airbus, stryker, B. Braun).


2006-09-10: US Patent granted
The patent for TextHide and TextMark was granted in the USA. In total 8 patents have now been granted internationally - underlining the innovative force inside of Compris.


2003-03-10: Pan-European Patent
After having beend granted, the patent protecting TextHide and TextMark now also has been published. Therefore the patent is valid in all major European countries. Patents in North America and other states are still pending.


2003-01-01: New Name, Financial Strengthening
The company is called "Compris Intelligence GmbH" from now on. It is just a renaming. Due a an economic solid course and the approach of quality leadership through deep semantic methods, Compris works successfully since its founding in July 1998. A group of private investors has funded Compris. Compris turned profitable in 2002 and now sets on to increase its technological advantage with fresh money based on profitable operations. The second part of the name, "Intelligence", reflects that the main focus of operations is business intelligence, competitive intelligence and the generally intelligent methods behind the Compris software. The word "Intelligence" stands for information that has been condensed enough to form the basis for business decisions - the ultimate step of the refinement process from data to information.



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