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Objectives: Digital Shop system with the presumably best protection of the data from abuse by users / web pirates. Through the possibility to buy only individually new materials, we guarantee: High price advantages and litlle reading effort for the customer, maximal customer ties to publishers. Most comprehensive solution for digital book selling and digital copyright protection: Shop system, plagiaristic search engine, digital watermark, automatic question answering.

Classical shop systems in which articles can be ordered and then sent by post exist in large numbers. Compris Intelligence GmbH offers a shop system that implements a safe delivery of content over the internet. Of course maximal security of your data is in the foreground.

Why don't you sell books, software or other data by download from your web pages? Up to now an appropriate technology was not at hand! With the shop system of you increase the reputation of your works in the Internet and earn an attractive sum of money.

You take care of the content – takes care of selling it!

The shop system provides you with extremely simple to use catalogue and price declaration functions together with statistics about your customers: Products bought ordered in terms of category, customer, and turnover. Automated billing and simple administration go without saying. You just deposit data in a protected area of the web server in exactly those formats that are commonly used in the web. For these common formats most tools have import/export filters. Customers can simply withdraw and pay the data with a web browser over the internet. The corresponding sum gets withdrawn from the account and only upon success access is granted.

No problems with download interruptions

In the internet download processes can be interrupted due to network overloads. The system can identify customers by the login and keyword that they chose themselves. You as content provider can specify If and for how long customers are allowed to retrieve content after the last payment. This permits to continue or start downloads again for free. It is also possible to offer your products to different target groups at different prices and usage rights. You can selectively address a target group identified by characteristic data or state limitations in numbers. E.g. you can offer free downloads to journalists.

Further features of the professional version: No chance to pass keys on to acquaintances

The problem remains that access rights may be passed on to acquaintances who may then use your material for free. This is where our solution starts: We create a particular key that contains in hidden form either e-mail address, the host number in the Internet (the IP number = "Internet protocol") or the hardware configuration of the customer. You can decide which property should be selected or pass the decision on to your customers.

In the case of the e-mail you would send your product as data package by e-mail to your clients.

Host number in contrast permits direct product download or accessing information repeatedly (e.g. in reference works) but of course only from the specified host number of the registered user. The friend with a different Internet access will not receive any data since his computer has a different number. Our software can automatically detect the host numbers of its users. If desired the access rights can be extended to entire subnets like companies / departments or Universities / chairs.

A variation of that method saved specific characteristics of the computer of its users: BIOS check sum, processor Id, components of the computer – the hardware configuration. From that information a key can be generated at the user site to prevent downloads onto a different system. The privacy of the customer is not touched because the hardware configuration can't be reconstructed from the key.

Seek and you shall find!

Text reduced to key words are generated automatically and can be displayed for free. That way readers can find your texts through search engines, get a first impression before buying and avoid skimming through large amounts of text. Furthermore, there is a search function based on content that identifies relevant passages for any questions in natural language using the FactMind technology. Here you can again configure how much will be sent out free of charge and in which cases payment is required. Would you like to make your customers' mouths water even more? As an appetizer you can present to them a version of your texts that is protected by our patented digital watermark technology TextMark! When hiding this watermark the text is slightly rephrased in ways that you can configure. For example the text selected by a customer can marked in real time to be handed out for free or for a reduced price. In case users would like to cite exactly or just see the original without modifications, they would pay an additional amount for the unmodified original.

Selective displaying in protected mode

As content provider you can decide which sections of your content may be stored, printed or only displayed by customers. A displaying software programmed in Java implements does technically implement these restrictions at the customer site. By using background images even the automated generation of screen shots followed by optical character recognition is prevented. It is only typing a text manually into the computer that we can't prevent. Even in that case our plagiarism search engine can identify and eliminate unauthorized publications of your content in the Internet.

Higher customer value due to individually adapted selling

Typically there are standard text books, more in depth literature based on it and updates. Our technology can sell to each customer - depending on his previous sales - exactly the material that's new for him down to paragraph level. There is no need for the same wordings in both texts. The independent mentioning of the same semantic concepts is sufficient to be recognized by the system as expressing the same information. Advantages for customers: They receive recommendations composed individually for them on newer or complementary materials. Depending on the content provider they might get a better price than in the case of buying the entire information. They only have to delve into material that is really new for them. As content provider you can establish most intensive customer ties that way.

Compression and Encryption

Internet surfers pay in terms of time or amount of data. That is why we use modern data compression technology that has been developed in cooperation with Fraunhofer society. We have developed a new technology especially for the compression of texts and structured data as used by common word processors.

For additional safety, your data can be encrypted on the way through the Internet. That way you avoid having third persons benefit from your data. It is not always avoidable that your data is saved in proxy servers. Even then the data is not readable by third parties due to encryption.

Investment protection through adherence to standards and platform independence does systematically build on open standards and requires little additional investments. As server version it runs on PCs with Linux as well as with other Unix derivates and also with MS-Windows (Apache, PHP, MySQL). As far as file formats are concerned we rely on HTML, Open eBook, and the known web browser technology that works in online and offline mode on all common operating systems. Even after a complete download it is possible to selectively display a work.



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