Data compression: Products & Services

Densifier: Products & Services

Compris Intelligence GmbH is specialised in the compression of structured data. Nevertheless we offer solutions for other areas of data compression, too.
We also draw up individual solutions to meet your specific data compression requirements.

Densifier Products Brief description
General Data Compression Compression for all kinds of data

Arithmetic Compression
  • Arithmetic compression speeded up by new method
  • Access to small parts of an archive is possible without having to decompress the archive as a whole

Compression of Structured Data For data with known or learnt structure, we achieve a very tight compression.

Services Brief description
Integration of Modules into different Systems/Order Development/Consulting Compris Intelligence GmbH adapts the modules to your systems and advises you in the area of data compression.
Development of new individual Compression Methods, optionally including Application for a Patent Compris Intelligence GmbH develops individual compression methods for your needs. If desired, we also take on an application for a patent.


We have and develop compression modules and individual solutions for the usual operating systems, as Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Linux and UNIX. Other operating systems are possible on request.

The integration into other programs can be achieved in various ways:

An integration in all common programming languages and all important operating systems can be done quite easily. In any case, Compris Intelligence GmbH is happy to implement all kind of changes regarding the library to meet specific customer requirements.
The libraries have been tested under Windows 98, NT, 2000, 2003, XP and Linux.

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